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About Less Lethal Protection, LLC

About Us

Less Lethal Protection, LLC

In today’s chaotic world, a strategic move to address the growing demand for non-lethal home/business security and self-defense options inspired the Founder of Lessa Lethal Protection.

The belief that many victims you see every day, on your News Station or social media networks, could have survived if equipped with any alternative to defend themselves and others. Violence and mass murders on the streets, malls, churches, schools and every other unexpected place you can imagine, is becoming the norm and appears to occur in our Country every day. This one factor fueled his commitment to providing options that could have made a difference in the lives taken away from us.

Think about this….if even just one pastor, teacher, business owner or an everyday citizen possessed a lifesaving weapon, victims would have absolutely been alive today…. bystanders and witnesses could have deescalated a serious threat, saving multiple lives, particularly our young children.

We are not living in a world of peace today. Recent years have seen a dramatic surge in chaotic events across the globe. From political upheavals to economic instability, societies are facing unprecedented challenges that often lead to violent confrontations.

Amidst the turmoil of political conflicts, civil unrest, and a general sense of insecurity, there was a pressing need for tools that everyday citizens could rely on to protect themselves, their families, their business, and of course others.

In response to this chaos, Less Lethal Protection, LLC. sought to provide a solution that could bridge the gap between maintaining order and protecting lives. We offer a range of less lethal products including launchers, kinetic and Pepper/Teargas projectiles, and its accessories, designed to quickly incapacitate rather than kill.

Research indicates that less lethal weapons, such as our own products, can significantly reduce the likelihood of fatality in violent encounters. This evidence strengthened our resolve to pursue a business that could make a difference, reducing the toll of violence and fatalities by equipping everyday citizens, business, and Officials with safer alternatives.

At Less lethal Protection, our commitment to less lethal solutions has resonated with the public, enhancing our reputation as a Company that values life and safety.