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Who's Buying Our Products?

Who's Buying Our Products?

Joggers are increasingly carrying protection for several reasons, which include:

  1. Increased Awareness: Joggers are more aware of the potential dangers while running, especially in isolated areas.
  2. High-Profile Incidents: Tragic events, such as the murder of Mollie Tibbetts, have highlighted the risks associated with jogging alone.
  3. Self-Defense: Carrying personal protection, like pepper spray, provides joggers with a means to defend themselves from an attacker.
  4. Deterrent Effect: The presence of a self-defense tool can deter potential attackers.
  5. Situational Control: Personal protection devices give joggers a greater sense of control over their environment and safety.
  6. Ease of Access: Advances in personal defense technology have made it easier for joggers to carry and use protection devices.
  7. Personal Empowerment: Having a form of protection can empower joggers, especially women, to feel safer and more confident while running.
  8. Preventive Mindset: Many joggers prefer to be proactive about their safety rather than reactive.

Joggers are NOW increasingly turning to less lethal weapons for a variety of reasons:

    1. Safety Concerns: With rising awareness of personal safety, joggers seek ways to protect themselves without resorting to lethal force. Less lethal options provide a means to deter potential threats while minimizing the risk of causing permanent harm.
    2. Legal and Ethical Considerations: Less lethal weapons often have fewer legal restrictions compared to firearms, making them more accessible for self-defense. They also align with ethical considerations of using the minimum force necessary in a confrontation.
    3. Ease of Use and Accessibility: These devices are typically easier to carry and use, especially for individuals who are not comfortable with or trained in using firearms. They can be quickly deployed, which is crucial in emergency situations.
    4. Public Perception: The use of less lethal options is generally more accepted by the public, as they are seen as a responsible choice for self-defense that reflects a commitment to preserving life.
    5. Technological Advancements: The development of new less lethal technologies has made these options more reliable and effective, giving joggers confidence in their ability to defend themselves if necessary.

It’s important for joggers to understand the specific laws and regulations in their area regarding the use of such weapons, as well as to receive proper training in their use to ensure they are prepared to handle them responsibly.

People who are disqualified from obtaining a Firearm Identification (FID) Card or License to Carry (LTC) may turn to less lethal self-defense weapons for several reasons:
  1. Less Lethal Accessibility: Less lethal weapons, like pepper ball guns, often do not require the same level of licensing as firearms. This makes them accessible to those who cannot legally obtain an FID or LTC because of their criminal convictions, age, and other lawful restrictions. It is crucial for individuals to be aware of their own personal disqualifiers and to understand that the laws are designed to promote public safety.
  2. Legal Restrictions: Although our Launcher guns are legal for anyone over 18 to purchase, some states disqualify those who have certain criminal records from purchasing and possessing its pepper-ball projectiles and pepper spray. In some states, felons and those with misdemeanor convictions that carry more than a 2-year sentence are disqualified from purchasing, owning, or being in possession of pepper spray and pepper agent projectiles.
  3. No Background Checks: Less Lethal Protection does NOT perform criminal background checks, nor are we legally required to do so. However, it is important for individuals to understand the specific local, state, and federal laws/regulations on purchasing, possessing, and using any of our pepper spray, pepper/teargas agent projectile products.
  4. Right to Self-Defense: Although our bad decisions in life, particularly when we were young and made mistakes, affect our daily lives today and our right to ever bear arms, we still have the right to protect ourselves, our families, and our businesses. At Less Lethal Protection LLC, our products give most people an alternative, and that’s what we do.
  1. Personal Safety: Realtors often work alone and in isolated locations, which can make them vulnerable to physical threats.
  2. Meeting Strangers: The nature of their job requires meeting with unknown individuals, which carries inherent risks.
  3. Crime Statistics: Some realtors have experienced or are aware of colleagues who have faced dangerous situations, increasing their concern for personal safety.
  4. Preventive Measure: Carrying a weapon can act as a deterrent against potential threats.
  5. Legal and Policy Compliance: Many opt for less lethal weapons that comply with local laws and brokerage policies.
  6. Ease of Use: Less lethal options often require less training and are easier to handle under stress.
  7. Public Perception: There’s a growing awareness and acceptance of self-defense, leading more realtors to consider carrying protection.
  8. Technological Advancements: Improved technology in less lethal weapons makes them more reliable and effective.

These reasons reflect a broader trend towards prioritizing safety while minimizing the potential for lethal outcomes. Realtors are seeking ways to protect themselves that are effective, legal, and align with their personal and professional values.

Dog owners and dog walkers may consider carrying less lethal weapons for several reasons, especially in today’s environment where concerns about safety and security are heightened. Here are some of the reasons:

  1. Protection Against Aggressive Dogs: Encounters with aggressive dogs can be a risk for both the dog walker and the pet they are walking. Less lethal weapons can provide a means to defend against an attack without causing permanent harm.
  2. Deterrence of Theft: With the rise in dog thefts, particularly of certain breeds, having a less lethal weapon can act as a deterrent against would-be thieves.
  3. Self-Defense: Dog walkers often find themselves in secluded areas or walking during early morning or late evening hours when fewer people are around, increasing their vulnerability to potential threats.
  4. Legal Compliance: Carrying a less lethal weapon is often legally permissible where carrying a firearm may not be, providing a legal means of defense.
  5. Non-Escalation: Less lethal weapons can help prevent a situation from escalating, as they are designed to incapacitate temporarily rather than cause serious injury or death.
  6. Emergency Situations: In the event of an emergency, a less lethal weapon can be used to signal for help or to create a distraction to escape a dangerous situation.
  7. Ease of Use: These weapons are generally easy to carry and use, which is important in a high-stress situation where quick response is necessary.
  8. Peace of Mind: Simply having a less lethal weapon can provide dog owners and walkers with peace of mind, knowing they have a means to protect themselves and their pets.

It’s important for dog owners and walkers to be aware of the laws and regulations regarding the use of less lethal weapons in their area, as well as to receive proper training in their use to ensure they are prepared to handle any situation that may arise responsibly.

Those who engage in outdoor activities such as hiking or camping in areas where they may encounter wildlife or other threats.

That’s why outdoor enthusiasts are turning to less lethal weapons for a variety of reasons, all centered around safety and preparedness in the wilderness. Here are the key reasons why they might choose to carry one of our devices at Less Lethal Protection, LLC:

  1. Personal Protection: The primary reason is for self-defense against potential threats, which could include aggressive wildlife or other unforeseen dangers encountered in remote areas.
  2. Deter Potential Threats: The presence of a less lethal weapon can act as a deterrent to both animals and humans who may pose a threat. Devices that emit visible warnings can be particularly effective.
  3. Legality: Non-lethal weapons are legal in most places, providing a means of defense that doesn’t involve the legal complexities associated with carrying a firearm.
  4. Lightweight and Easy to Carry: Our less lethal weapons are often designed to be compact and lightweight, making them easy to conceal carry or include in a backpack without adding significant weight or bulk.
  5. Environmental Protection: Non-lethal weapons are seen as a more environmentally friendly option compared to firearms, as they reduce the risk of stray bullets and lead contamination.
  6. Manage Aggressive Animals: In the case of an encounter with an aggressive animal, non-lethal weapons can provide a means to manage the situation without harming the animal.
  7. Promote Responsible Outdoor Behavior: Carrying a less lethal weapon encourages outdoor enthusiasts to be prepared and responsible, reinforcing the idea of safety without escalating to lethal force.

These reasons reflect a growing trend among outdoor enthusiasts to be equipped for self-defense while also being mindful of the legal and ethical implications of using force. It’s a balance between personal safety and a commitment to preserving the natural environment they enjoy exploring. At Less Lethal Protection, LLC, you have an “Alternative to Lethal Force.”

Why Security Forces Use Less Lethal Products

At Less Lethal Protection, LLC, we understand the critical balance between maintaining order and ensuring safety. Our state-of-the-art less-lethal products are designed for security professionals who refuse to compromise on reliability and precision.

But here’s why most Security Forces are now using Less Lethal Products:

  1. Intermediate Options: They provide a range of intermediate options that allow officers to gain compliance with the lowest level of force necessary, reducing the need to resort to deadly force.
  2. Enhanced Safety: Less-lethal weapons enable officers to engage with resisting individuals from a distance, which can enhance officer safety and reduce the risk of close-quarters confrontations.
  3. Public Relations: The use of less-lethal options demonstrates a commitment to reducing force levels, which can enhance community relations and public trust in security services.
  4. Injury Reduction: When used responsibly, less-lethal weapons can prevent and minimize deaths and injuries to all parties involved, including the assailants, suspects, detainees, and the officers themselves.
  5. Legal and Ethical Considerations: They offer a way to subdue dangerous individuals without using deadly force, aligning with legal and ethical standards that prioritize the preservation of life.
  6. Versatility: Less-lethal weapons can be effective in a variety of situations, from crowd control to individual confrontations, providing versatility in response tactics.
  7. Training and Control: Proper training in the use of less-lethal weapons can lead to better control over resistive suspects with fewer serious injuries, promoting overall safety.

Firearm Restrictions vs. Less-Lethal Weaponry Regulations

Security forces face various restrictions when it comes to the use of firearms, which are not typically present for less-lethal weaponry. Here are some key differences:

Firearm Restrictions:

  • Background Checks: The Biden-Harris Administration has implemented rules requiring all gun dealers to conduct background checks, aiming to prevent firearms from being sold without these checks.
  • Storage and Transport: Firearms must often be stored and transported in a specific manner, such as unloaded, locked, and with ammunition kept separately.
  • Use of Force: Firearms are generally only to be used in self-defense or defense of others against an imminent threat of death or serious injury.

Less-Lethal Weaponry Regulations:

  • Accessibility: Less-lethal weapons are typically more accessible for use by security forces and do not require the same level of background checks.
  • Training: Security forces are required to undergo training and demonstrate proficiency with less-lethal weapons, but the frequency and intensity of training can be less stringent than for firearms.
  • Use in Law Enforcement: The United Nations provides guidelines on the use of less-lethal weapons in law enforcement, which are designed to minimize harm while still being effective in controlling situations.

In summary, firearms are subject to stricter controls and regulations due to their lethal nature, whereas less-lethal weapons offer more flexibility in terms of accessibility and use, provided they are employed according to established guidelines and with proper training. These differences allow security forces to have a range of options for different scenarios, promoting safety and reducing the potential for unnecessary harm.

Why Choose Less Lethal Protection, LLC?

At Less Lethal Protection, LLC, you and your employees can buy and own our less-lethal products without all the bureaucracy, bylaws, and liability of arming your staff with firearms. There are:

  • NO Background checks or applications
  • NO FID or LTC required
  • NO waiting periods
  • TSA Approved
  • Legal to conceal carry
  • MUST be 18 years or older to buy or possess

Note: Please check your local and state laws for restrictions on Pepper/Teargas possession. There are laws, particularly in Massachusetts, that disqualify a person from buying or being in possession of our Pepper ball/Teargas products.

Single home moms and homemakers may consider having less lethal weapons for several reasons, particularly in today’s world where concerns about chaos and violence are heightened. Here are some reasons why they might feel the need for such protective measures:

Enhanced Safety

In the face of rising crime rates or local unrest, less lethal weapons can provide a sense of security and a means of protection without resorting to lethal force.

Ease of Use

Less lethal weapons are often designed to be user-friendly, allowing individuals without extensive training to use them effectively in stressful situations.

Legal and Ethical Comfort

Many people are uncomfortable with the idea of using lethal force. Less lethal weapons offer a way to defend oneself while minimizing the potential for causing serious or fatal injuries.

Responsibility for Children

As primary caregivers, single home moms and homemakers often have the added responsibility of ensuring their children’s safety. Non-lethal weapons can be a safer alternative to keep at home.

Prevention of Escalation

Using a less lethal weapon can help de-escalate a potentially dangerous situation without the irreversible consequences of a lethal weapon.

Availability and Accessibility

The increasing availability of less lethal weapons makes them a more accessible option for self-defense.

Community and Social Factors

In areas where community trust in law enforcement is low, individuals may feel the need to take personal safety into their own hands.


Having a less lethal weapon can empower single home moms and homemakers to feel more self-reliant and prepared to handle emergencies on their own.

It’s important to note that while less lethal weapons are generally intended to be non-lethal, they can still cause significant injury. Therefore, proper training and understanding of the use and risks associated with these weapons are crucial. Additionally, the decision to own and use any weapon should be made with careful consideration of the legal regulations and personal circumstances.

  1. Small business owners may feel the need to have less lethal weapons in today’s world due to various factors that impact their sense of security and the safety of their establishments. Here are some reasons why they might consider such options:

    1. Crime Deterrence: The presence of a less lethal weapon can deter potential criminals, such as burglars or shoplifters, from targeting the business.
    2. Self-Defense: In situations where the owner or employees face a direct threat, a less lethal weapon provides a means of self-defense without resorting to lethal force.
    3. Protection of Property: Less lethal weapons can be used to protect the property from vandalism or theft, especially during times of civil unrest or riots.
    4. Customer and Employee Safety: Ensuring the safety of customers and employees is a priority for business owners, and less lethal weapons can be a part of this safety plan.
    5. Legal Compliance: Less lethal weapons often have fewer legal restrictions compared to firearms, making them a more accessible option for business defense.
    6. Non-Escalation: Using a less lethal weapon can prevent a situation from escalating to a point where lethal force might be used, potentially saving lives.
    7. Public Relations: Employing non-lethal defense methods can be more publicly acceptable and align with the values of the community and customer base.
    8. Training and Accessibility: Less lethal weapons typically require less training to use effectively, making them more accessible to business owners and their staff.
    9. Response to Rising Crime Concerns: With an increase in public concern about crime, small business owners may seek ways to protect themselves that align with their comfort level and perceived threat.
    10. Insurance and Liability: Less lethal weapons may pose less risk of liability in the event of an altercation, which can be a consideration for business owners regarding insurance premiums and coverage.

    These reasons reflect the complex considerations that small business owners must weigh when deciding how to protect their livelihoods in an uncertain world. It’s important for them to also consider the legal implications and ensure proper training in the use of any defense tools they choose to employ.

Less Lethal Protection, LLC, provides a compelling alternative for those who want to own a firearm or those who currently do. Here is why our pepper/teargas ball guns are great for gun owners:

1. Legal Considerations:

  • Less lethal weapons are designed to incapacitate or subdue without causing fatal harm. In situations where lethal force is not legally justified, law enforcement officers and civilians may opt for these alternatives.
  • Firearms, on the other hand, have a high potential for lethality. Their use is subject to strict legal regulations, and individuals may face criminal and/or civil charges if they use them inappropriately.

2. Reducing Fatalities:

  • Less lethal options aim to minimize fatalities. For example, pepper spray and pepper balls are commonly used to subdue suspects without causing permanent harm.
  • By using less lethal weapons, civilians can potentially prevent loss of life during encounters with aggressive or non-compliant individuals.

3. Risk of Accidental Injury:

  • Firearms carry inherent risks, including accidental discharges. A less lethal weapon reduces the chance of unintentional harm to bystanders.
  • Non-lethal projectiles are designed to incapacitate without causing fatal injuries.

4. Immediate Accessibility:

  • Less lethal weapons are often more accessible than firearms. Civilians may carry pepper spray and pepper ball launchers for personal protection.
  • These options provide a sense of security without the responsibility of handling a firearm.

5. Training and Confidence:

  • Less lethal weapons require specific training, but they are generally easier to handle than firearms.
  • Individuals who are uncomfortable with guns or lack proper training may prefer less lethal alternatives.

6. Avoiding Lethal Consequences:

  • Some people choose less lethal options because they want to avoid taking a life, even in self-defense situations.
  • The intention is to incapacitate or deter without causing permanent harm.

Remember that while less lethal weapons are designed to minimize fatalities, they can still cause serious injuries. The choice between a less lethal weapon and a real handgun depends on individual circumstances, legal considerations, and personal preferences. 🌟

Less Lethal Protection, LLC, provides a compelling alternative for Security Officers and Security Establishments. Our Launchers and Pepper/Teargas Projectile Balls offer a range of non-lethal options that are particularly beneficial for Security Officers, Private Event Security, and security-related companies.

Here is why:

Safety and Effectiveness:

  • Provides a safe and effective means of controlling situations without causing permanent harm.
  • Can use these tools to de-escalate conflicts and maintain control over unruly crowds or individuals.


  • Offers various launchers and projectiles suitable for different scenarios.

No Deaths or Serious Injuries:

  • Makes it the safest and most effective option available.

Private Event Security:

  • Whether on duty at a private event, apartment building, or corporate complex, security officers can trust our Launchers and Projectiles to help them handle situations safely.
In summary, Less Lethal Protection, LLC provides security officers and others with a reliable, less-lethal alternative that prioritizes safety while effectively managing security-related challenges.